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Specialists in securing people, data, equipment, systems, facilities and company assets


We Take Ownership

With the ever-increasing complexity of today's security environment, our team can provide intelligence driven solutions and capabilities that will continuously evolve to identify and characterize conventional, irregular, and asymmetric threats, along with timely insight on deterrence and counter-measures.

Clients choose us because:

-   Of our ability to successfully develop and execute complex projects on time and within budget.

-   Our experts conduct specialized investigations surrounding personnel and insider threat

    assessments and data security breach mitigation.

-   We provide access to Subject-Matter Experts from former U.S. Military Special Operations, the

    intelligence community and counterterrorism agencies, law enforcement, and veterans who know

    how to protect what matters.

-   Of our expertise in applying the right State and Federal safety and security rules and regulations to

    a project.

-   We have access to proprietary product solutions that have been vetted and field tested by the

    experts who have the advantage of knowing what works.

-  Our clients want to support those who served, our Veterans, our employees, our business.

Below are a few of our clients we have had the distinct honor of working with to provide unique solutions to complex problems.