Harbinger Technologies Group


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Specialists in securing people, data, equipment, systems, facilities and company assets


We provide subject-matter experts to assess weaknesses in a client's existing or future property, personnel or technology.  Utilizing the outcomes, we then tailor and implement a plan of action specific to the organization's needs and budget constraints.


Our clients benefit from our global subject-matter experts who have gained a deep understanding of both cultural and operational aspects of geo-specific threats.  This, coupled with our security expertise is what allows us to conduct an in-depth threat vulnerability assessment (TVA) of our clients physical and operational assets.

Master Security Plans

Clients benefit from our Focused Security Approach model that brings together  proprietary technologies, analytic platforms and operational tactics to tailor the right solution to meet a clients needs while achieving maximum cost-effectiveness for their security operations.


Our subject-matter experts develop clear and detailed manuals specific to our client's operations to ensure maximum performance on an on-going basis and during times of emergency.  We have developed and will deliver proprietary training to a client's security personnel to ensure employees are prepared to serve and protect the organizations stakeholders and assets.